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What Buckinghamshire means to Queen’s award winner Mediplus

16:14 12 December in Sectors

Buckinghamshire based Mediplus specialises in researching, developing and manufacturing innovative medical devices to meet the needs of patients and clinicians worldwide. It is one of the industry’s leading firms located within the UK’s ‘Golden Triangle’ in the heart of the Thames Valley – one of the UK’s most dynamic economic regions.

In a new ‘talking head’ video Mediplus reviews its location and what it means for the company including access to customers, strong supply chain of businesses as well as an excellent workforce with a superb talent base.

Mediplus have a string of firsts, innovations and successes to their name. These include:

  • The launch of the world’s first non-invasive pressure flow study system – the CT3000. Designed to accurately predict Bladder Outlet Obstruction, it provides comparable results to traditional invasive urodynamics with a high level of patient comfort and the capability to test more patients per day.
  • Development and launch of Siamese tubing and colour coding in the anaesthetic range to prevent entanglement and deliver increased patient safety through reduction in medication errors.
  • Development of the Mediplus Suprapubic Catheter system; an easier and safer method of introducing a Foley catheter suprapubically. This product does not require general anaesthetic and is therefore in demand from hospitals who wish to deliver high quality care at lower cost.
  • Development of the World’s First Silicone Shelf Pessary, an anatomically shaped pessary that is softer and more malleable for more comfort.
  • Queen’s Award for EnterpriseInternational Trade WINNER. These awards are made annually by Her Majesty The Queen and are only given for the highest levels of excellence. The Mediplus award recognised their achievement of increased, sustained, year on year export sales growth over a period of six years.

Mediplus are Made in Bucks.