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UK’s National Quantum Computing Centre will be located at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

11:25 13 October in Digital Technology, Education, Europe, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Oxfordshire, Talent and Innovation

Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, Amanda Solloway, has announced the opening of the UK’s new National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC), which will open its doors at the world-famous Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire. Uniting academia, Government and businesses together, the Centre will address current challenges including scalability to allow quantum computing to progress as successfully as possible. This will advance on the existing pioneering role Thames Valley and Oxford play in driving forward innovative research and developments. Set to open in 2022 work has already commenced on this building.

Essential to science and technology innovation in the UK, Quantum computers can perform tasks that are not available to standard computers. Thus, a centre dedicated to quantum computing will allow the development of technologies that can benefit society i.e. speeding up drug discovery processes, to progress at a more advanced pace.

 “This announcement of the NQCC will inject powerful momentum into accelerating growth of Quantum Technology throughout the UK. Work in this transformative sector is already substantial from Harwell with contributions from the national laboratories through RAL Quantum Space Lab and the STFC Cryogenics Lab, and members of the supply chain such as Element Six and RedWave Labs.”

John Vandore, Business Development Manager and Quantum Community Engagement Manager at Harwell Campus


Harwell Science and Innovation Campus holds over £2bn in world leading research infrastructure based on a campus extending over 700 acres with over 200 organisations. Harwell is an innovation hub that leads in science and technology – already achieving world firsts – encouraging research and experimentation to tackle global challenges and improve societies lives.

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