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UK Hollywood film studio plans near Reading made permanent

08:23 26 October in Berkshire, Creative Industries, News

Shinfield Studios had temporary permission to build stages at Thames Valley Science Park, near Reading. The scheme includes 18 sound stages to record film and TV programmes and seven workshops to make costumes and props. Wokingham Borough Council has given permanent permission but also chose to refer it to the secretary of state.


According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, planning officer Chris Howard said although the referral could delay work on the project by three to six weeks it “would be best from a challenge point of view to refer it and go down that process”.


The complex would be used for “state-of-the-art” film and television shows as well as “blockbuster productions”, the film firm said. Four temporary stages and workshops have already been built on the site which is due to open within the next month. Shinfield Studios had been given temporary planning permission by the council until 2026.


In a statement, the company said: “We are thrilled to have progressed to the next stage of the planning process. The final step is to receive approval from the secretary of state.” It said works are due to start on the main site in early 2022 with completion by 2024.

The University of Reading has agreed a long lease of land at its Thames Valley Science Park campus with Commonwealth Real Estate LP, a film studios investor based in Los Angeles.


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