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The evolution of the High Performance Technology and Motorsport cluster

10:16 31 May in Sectors

Silverstone Park have published an insight report into the High Performance Technology and Motorsport (HPTM) cluster that is centred around Silverstone, home of the iconic F1 Grand Prix, in Buckinghamshire.

Commissioned by MEPC, to investigate the existence and character of the HPTM cluster in the area around Silverstone and to help identify opportunities to support further growth of the cluster, the report summary states the area around Silverstone is home to significant business activity across the field of HPTM. This displays many of the attributes of an adaptive and knowledge rich cluster.

Some HPTM firms are very high profile. However, many more are nested within motorsport supply chains and/or increasingly developing products, services and know-how across the spectrum of high performance technology. For some firms, there is little or no apparent link to motorsport.

There is a constant imperative to innovate, improve and solve complex technological problems, reflecting in part the intensely competitive nature of motorsport. This has helped to mould an industrial ecosystem which is full of paradoxes. It is restless and volatile, yet intensely conservative; secretive yet highly networked; global in ambition yet strongly localised and deeply embedded; and full of potential yet with an inconsistent track record in terms of the overall pace of growth.

The cluster has achieved global recognition through activities linked directly to motorsport. It is less well understood across high performance technology defined more broadly, and in this respect, the cluster must be recognised as “developing”. However, applications in high performance technology are increasingly important and they bring growth potential.

The study was substantially completed between August 2015 and February 2016 and can be downloaded via the Silverstone Park website: HPTM Cluster Research