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Thames Valley region performs outstandingly in fDi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21 Report

14:20 05 May in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, News, Oxfordshire

fDi Magazine, published by the Financial Times, has unveiled its Europe’s Top Cities and Regions of the Future for 2020/21. The annual list gives an overview of the best locations in terms of global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics, taking into account the regions’ and cities’ infrastructure, capabilities and incentives.

The Thames Valley is definitely regarded as a winner in this year’s report, as cities and towns across the region scored incredibly well across a number of different categories.

In order to create a score for each location, the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data using specialist online FDI tools – fDi Benchmark and fDi Markets as well as other sources. Data was collected from 505 locations, including 319 cities, 148 regions and 38 LEPs across 5 categories: Economic Potential, Human Capital and Lifestyle, Cost Effectiveness, Connectivity and Business Friendliness.

Locations could score a maximum of 10 points for each data point, which were weighted by importance to the FDI decision-making process in order to compile the subcategory rankings as well as their overall ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21’ ranking.

Key Thames Valley rankings for 2020/21 include the following:

  • London was ranked as number one in the European Cities of the Future (Overall) category with Slough (15th), Cambridge (21st) and Newbury (23rd) also listed in the top 25.
  • Three Thames Valley towns and cities were ranked in the Top 10: Northern European Cities of the Future, including Slough (5th), Cambridge (8th) and Newbury (9th).
  • In the Small European Cities of the Future category, the Thames Valley region made up five of the top 10 spaces with Slough ranked 1st, and Cambridge (2nd), Reading (5th), Milton Keynes (9th) and Bracknell (10th) also listed.


Other key findings include:

Top 10: Small European Cities of the Future

  • Economic Potential – Cambridge (3rd) and Slough (9th)
  • Human Capital & Lifestyle – Oxford (4th) and Reading (8th)
  • Connectivity – Slough (1st), Reading (7th) and Bracknell (9th)
  • Business Friendliness – Reading (2nd), Cambridge (3rd), Slough (4th), Milton Keynes (5th), Bracknell (6th) and Basingstoke (7th)


Top 10: Micro European Cities of the Future

  • Economic Potential – Newbury (6th)
  • Human Capital & Lifestyle – Windsor (3rd)
  • Connectivity – Windsor (1st), Maidenhead (2nd) and Farnborough (4th)
  • Business Friendliness – Newbury (5th), Maidenhead (8th) and Farnborough (9th)


In the Top 10: Local Enterprise Partnerships of the Future category, the Thames Valley regional LEPs, again, perform strongly.

  • Overall – Thames Valley Berkshire (2nd) and Oxfordshire (3rd)
  • Economic Potential – Thames Valley Berkshire (2nd) and Oxfordshire (3rd)
  • FDI Strategy – Oxfordshire (5th)
  • Business Friendliness – Thames Valley Berkshire (8th) and Oxfordshire (8th)
  • Human Capital & Lifestyle – Oxfordshire (4th), Buckinghamshire Thames Valley (8th) and Thames Valley Berkshire (10th)


To download the report, click HERE.