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Thames Valley based towns and cities continue to top The Cities Outlook Report 2020

15:44 29 January in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, News, Oxfordshire

The 2020 Cities Outlook Report, published by Centre for Cities, highlights the continued positive economic performance of some of the key Thames Valley towns and cities.

The report uses Office for National Statistics (ONS) data to measure the economic performance of cities and towns across the UK, including indicators of population, employment, wages, business dynamics, innovation, productivity, skills, housing, digital connectivity and environment. The report aims to highlight the variation in performance between 63 of the UK’s largest urban areas and ranks the 10 strongest and 10 weakest performing places.

The Thames Valley performs extremely well in a number of different areas of economic performance.

Highest employment rate: Oxford is ranked first with an employment rate of 82.4%, a 1.1 percentage point change since 2017/18, whilst Reading ranks sixth with an employment rate of 79.9% and a percentage point change of 1.3 since 2017/18 – both of these cities measure higher than the city average of 73% and the national average of 76%.

Average workplace earnings, measured by average earnings (£) per week: Slough ranks second with 730, followed by Reading (4th) with 678 and Oxford (10th) with 608. Both Slough and Reading rank above the cities average of 612 and all three cities rank above the national average of 571.

Highest start-up rate, measured by business start-ups per 10,000 of the population: Slough ranks ninth at 72.8 and Reading tenth with 67.2, again both cities are ranked above the national average which is measured at 57 per 10,000 of the population.

Productivity, measured by GDP per worker: Slough retains its title as the most productive town in the UK as productivity per capita rises to £100,000 per worker, with Reading also ranked fifth at £83,000. Both towns completely outstrip the cities average of £71,000 and the national average of £68,000.

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