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University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham  is one of Britain’s first independent universities: a home for original, aspiring students. The University is proudly independent and committed to the pursuit of truth and freedom of speech.


Since its inception more than 40 years ago, the University is renowned for being innovative and entrepreneurial, consistently influencing the course of mainstream Higher Education in the UK.


It was the first to charge fees, welcome international students, launch a two-year degree course, embrace the free market in higher education and open an independent medical school.

Home of the two year degree

Allowing students to save time and money

Non-profit organisation

100% of tuition fees are reinvested

Medical School

UK’s first independent not-for-profit Medical School

Academic Support

Joint 3rd in England for Academic Support 

Faculty of Education

Over 1,000 teachers and school leaders studying

A £2 million Local Growth Fund grant has been awarded by the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to the University of Buckingham for the establishment of a Centre for Computing and AI. Four new courses will be on offer, including new undergraduate and masters programmes in AI, Cyber Security, Immersive Technologies and Data Science. The pioneering institution will include a Doctoral Training Centre, specialised labs for augmented and virtual reality, along with an Innovation Hub for both students and businesses.

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“We are enormously grateful to the Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership for this extremely generous grant for the Centre of AI. The University is committed to taking a leading role in training the next generation of leaders in these sciences, supporting the UK to realise its industrial ambitions.”


Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham