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Digital Technology

The UK is a significant market opportunity for inward investors and at its heart – the Thames Valley – is one of its most important, cluster of innovative, high-growth, IP-rich companies across the full range of tech sub-sectors.

Digital Technology in the UK

The Digital Technology sector is expanding 2.6x faster than the rest of the economy, with an estimated turnover of £184 billion. With 30 significant technology clusters across the country and a strong start-up culture, the UK’s technology industry is one of the largest in Western Europe.


UK consumers are early adopters; moving from online to mobile, driven by use of cloud, data analytics and artificial intelligence. On the producer side, the UK is home to the highest number of IPOs and unicorns than the rest of Europe.


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Digital Technology in the Thames Valley

With more than 8,000 technology-led companies based in the region, the Thames Valley has long been a technology hub and a proven location for both established global brands and innovative start-ups to grow.


This is strongly reflected in the sustained numbers of foreign-owned companies choosing the region as their investment destination. Together with a unique breadth and depth of indigenous firms, the Thames Valley is often referred to as the UK’s Silicon Valley – a reflection on the dominance of the tech-economy in the region.


High-performing technology towns in the Thames Valley, such as Reading and Oxford (see: PwC’s Good Growth for Cities Index), are the driving force behind the region’s consistent and continued growth; showcasing a unique cluster of businesses representing globally significant sub-sectors of the industry.


Berkshire is recognised as an internationally renowned Digital Tech Cluster; home to many large-scale technology businesses and an ever-expanding number of high-growth start-ups. Around 20% of Reading’s economic activity – a Berkshire town – is associated with the ICT sector.



“Located at the heart of the UK’s traditional enterprise and science tech belt, Berkshire has a strong history in digital technology.”


Tech Nation Report 2018


Oxfordshire has a rich history of creating new start-ups, particularly those tied to the University in the computing and health-tech industries. The Oxford Sciences Innovation Fund has guided and powered by some of the world’s leading organisations, raising over £600m and with a commitment to build thriving science and technology companies.

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