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The film industry is worth £1.4bn to the UK, with the Government investing heavily in supporting the sector through various funding mechanisms.

But these financial incentives are not the only attractors to the UK in general and to the Thames Valley in particular.

Film is GREAT Britain

Gareth Neame, Executive Producer of Downton Abbey and Managing Director of Carnival Films said “Britain’s Thames Valley is a centre for film and television production. It has a long tradition of filmmaking, with world class studios such as Pinewood, together with beautiful and varied locations all within easy reach of London and Heathrow airport. A large number of crew and facilities are based in the region, contributing to the overall strength of the creative sector, a significant employer in the south east of England.”.


The Pinewood Group is a truly global centre of excellence, with studios in LA, New York and Atlanta, as well as 5 other locations around the world, but its home and its headquarters is in Pinewood, in the Thames Valley, a very short drive from Heathrow Airport and benefiting from great transport links with London. It is home to iconic brands such as James Bond 007 and Star Wars.


With 20 stages, over 22 acres of backlots and huge workshops to deliver state of the art creative output, the Pinewood site really is the place to be, and the facility hosts many creative businesses who rent space just to be co-locational with so many other film related businesses.


It has been described as the only place in the world where you can enter with a script and leave with a finished film – every aspect of the work to achieve that can be completed on site. As Sir Kenneth Branagh said “Pinewood gives you a really, very complete service in relation to the support of any big, imaginative movie experience. Businesses based at Pinewood can be viewed at http://directory.pinewoodgroup.com/pageflip.html – that it is 112 pages gives an idea of the scale of the offering!


Other leading players within the Thames Valley include Vicon, a Denver based business whose main premises outside the USA is in Oxford. Vicon’s work on motion capture products and services has led them to win an Academy award and an Emmy, as well as several Queen’s Awards for Export and Innovation.


Also in Oxford are Audiomotion Studios  who are Europe’s leading performance capture service provider, using 160 Vicon cameras in their 24m x 12m studio giving them the largest capture volume in Europe.


Ex Cantibus Gaudium is run by multi award winning composer Robert Hartshorne and provides compositions for TV, corporate, commercials, film and theatre.