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A range of sectors are focusing on the Thames Valley as ‘the place to be’. From Motorsport to the Life Sciences; Space to Energy, and Digital Technology to Finance, countless world-leading companies are creating clusters which are centres of excellence.


Oxbotica, at the heart of software development for autonomous vehicles, finds its home in the Thames Valley, alongside BMW Mini and YASA Motors

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Centred on the Silverstone F1 circuit with most teams based in the Thames Valley, the cluster encourages the growth of countless businesses in the F1 supply chain.

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The Thames Valley is home to Harwell – the world’s leading science, innovation, technology and business campus.

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Pinewood Studios and iconic brands including James Bond and Star Wars are just the start of a huge sector that has global importance.

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Home to many of the world's leading computer games companies who have produced some of the most popular content.

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Cyber Security

Oxfordshire’s clear strength in this sub-sector ripples across the wider region. Key institutions include Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre and the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre.

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Three of the world’s top-10 communication giants – Telefonica, Verizon and Vodafone – are based in the Thames Valley, at the pinnacle of a dynamic cluster of businesses.

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Information Technology

Famed for the global brands that call the region home, major businesses include Microsoft, Dell, HP and Oracle, which are joined by 600+ digital tech start-ups each year.

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Artificial Intelligence

UK AI companies are raising $1.3b in capital, with the Thames Valley leading the way. The University of Oxford especially has world-leading expertise in AI, with dedicated, research-based programmes.

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Data Centres

The Thames Valley is home to the largest data centre conurbation in Europe, centred on the Slough Industrial Estate, which is home to approximately 2,000,000 sqft of operational space.

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One of the best places in the world to invest in renewable energy, the UK also offers significant supply chain opportunities and high returns on investments for any business.

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With clean energy recently overtaking fossil fuels as the UK’s main energy source, and the country’s on-going commitment to build a viable future, there has never been a better time to invest sustainably in the UK.

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Described as one of the UK’s, and Europe’s, best-connected locations for business, the Thames Valley boasts excellent transport systems and a series of major investment improvements underway.

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Highly regarded healthcare providers which seek to utilise innovative research have made their home in the Thames Valley.

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Innovation Hubs

A number of science innovation ‘hubs’ and centres of excellence are present in the region, including Harwell, with its world-class facilities.

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Medical Technology

Close proximity to both national and international markets has drawn many world-renowned drugs and delivery technology companies.

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Many of the leading pharmaceutical companies have chosen to locate or relocate into the region, to create a major sector cluster.

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The LSH cluster within the Thames Valley is supported by a range of academic institutions and R&D centres of excellence.

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Financial & Professional Services

Benefiting from close proximity to the City of London, but with 30-50% lower costs, the Thames Valley has an established financial and professional services cluster. The industry employs 2.3 million people, of which two thirds are based outside of London.

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