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Resource Library – Economic & Investment Reports

Read the latest reports about the Economy from leading accounting firms including EY and PwC.

Brave New World – EY Attractiveness Survey UK – November 2020

EY Attractiveness surveys are widely recognised as a key source of insight into foreign direct investment (FDI). This report presents EY's latest assessment of the immediate and longer-term outlook for UK FDI based on a survey of investors undertaken in September 2020, reflecting EY's desire to...

EY’s Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the Thames Valley report

The report provides an analysis and commentary on the impacts of COVID-19 on the Thames Valley and it's economy as of August 2020. EY's report analyses the contributions of the regions strengths and challenges of for its resilience in the current climate of disruption regarding COVID-19...

Doing Business and Investing in the UK

The UK has consistently attracted considerable investment from overseas, the importance of which has never been more critical as the UK focuses on building a sustainable economy in a post-BREXIT environment. Giving insight into the key aspects of doing business and investing in the country,...