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Reading among world’s top non-capital cities

07:50 02 September in Berkshire, News

Reading has been ranked 13th in a major international ranking of non-capital cities around the world. San Francisco, Montreal and Houston fill the three top spots of the FDI Tier 2 Cities of the Future ranking, published on 18 August 2020.

The report recognises second cities and other major non-capital cities that excel in a range of categories around economic, social, educational and technological characteristics.  116 cities were ranked according to economic potential, human capital & lifestyle, cost effectiveness, connectivity and business friendliness, as well as by Foreign Direct Investment Strategy. The ranking defines secondary cities as non-capitals that attract no more than 20% of their country’s total FDI projects, and no less than 1%, with a total population of under eight million.

In addition to being placed 13th overall, the city was also ranked 9th globally in the Business Friendliness, with various factors relating to ease of setting up and doing business in the city; and 9th globally in the Connectivity ranking, which measures the city’s infrastructure connectedness by land, air, sea and the internet.


To read the full report, click HERE.