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Oxford University tops Times World University Rankings for fifth consecutive year

10:24 04 November in Education, News, Oxfordshire

Oxford University’s enduring global reputation, cutting edge research and unique teaching environment have helped the University retain first place in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for a fifth year in a row.

An examination of the key indicators assessed by the rankings (see HERE) reveals some impressive statistics:

For the tenth year in succession, the university has retained its No. 1 ranking in Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health, and has again (for the third year in succession) been ranked first in Computer Science. Other significant rankings for 2021 include second place in Engineering & Technology, and third place in both Life Sciences and Law.

“The international standing of British Higher Education is a testament to generations of investment in education as well as to our extraordinarily talented staff and students.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic, which has posed such a threat to higher education around the world, has also demonstrated the critical role universities play in addressing global challenges.”

Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University


“This is an outstanding achievement by the University of Oxford, and it reflects the significant and continued success of the region as the UK’s most competitive location outside of London. We are particularly proud of the leading role the university is playing in the global effort to understand COVID-19 and protect our communities”.

Paul Britton, CEO Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce


Phil Baty, Chief Knowledge Officer at the Times Higher Education, said the result was testament to Oxford excelling across all indicators assessed by the rankings. He added that the University’s international outlook had been a particular point of excellence.

The award follows a year when the University of Oxford has been at the centre of international attention for its work on finding a vaccine for COVID-19, as well as taking a leading role in trialling therapeutic drugs and antibody testing. The University has also been working on a wide range of projects including the development of mental health interventions for NHS staff experiencing trauma, research into the impacts of the crisis on parents and practical resources for families, novel virus detection methods, as well as analysis of the actions taken by governments across the world as they respond to the pandemic.


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