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Oxford-based, self-driving specialist moves into Culham’s bespoke workspace

09:24 10 February in Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing, Environment, Energy & Infrastructure, News, Oxfordshire

Oxbotica, Europe’s leading self-driving vehicle software company is the first business to move into Culham Science Centre’s connected and autonomous vehicle building (CAV) as it looks to scale-up the release of its software for use across multiple industries.

The software company have signed a 10-year lease for one of the bespoke workspaces with offices above in the CAV building, totalling 2,377 sqft. This space will provide its engineers the opportunities to work on vehicles in the garage whilst also analysing large quantities of data generated from the cars.

Oxbotica has already formed a strategic alliance with the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), owners of the Culham Science Centre, having worked together on the DRIVEN consortium in which they used the site’s 10km of private road networks to test autonomous passenger vehicles to safely navigate complex, urban environments. The varied and mixed private roads, as well as more than 2,000 people on site at the Culham Science Centre creates a unique environment for controlled testing of self-driving vehicles before they venture out onto public roads.

“Working on-road, off-road, down mines, in warehouses, around runways and across the world, we strongly believe that the world will be transformed beyond recognition by autonomous vehicles, and we are confident that our Universal Autonomy software is engineered to drive this change – working to make roads safer, environments cleaner, industries more efficient and the world that little bit more accessible.”

Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO, Oxbotica


“We are delighted that Oxbotica continues to recognise the benefits of Culham Science Centre for the testing of self-driving vehicles.  We are committed to developing the site to ensure the test facility we have here in Oxfordshire stays ahead of the game, providing those specialising in self-driving vehicles and other robotic technologies, with world-leading facilities.”

Garry Staunton, lead technologist for RACE, the UKAEA facility that specialises in robotics and autonomous vehicles


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