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New test facility for hybrid 5G and satellite communications to be built in Oxfordshire by 2021

15:18 08 December in Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing, Digital Technology, Europe, News, Oxfordshire, Talent and Innovation, Uncategorized

A new engineering hub and test facility, backed by government funding and the European Space Agency contract, is set to be built at Harwell Campus, based in Oxfordshire.

The new facility will provide a space for UK researchers and businesses to experiment and will focus on demonstrating the benefits of hybrid 5G and satellite communications. It aims to develop software that allows satellite networks to be integrated into terrestrial public and private communications networks to harness the transformation of 5G connectivity, and will roll out new techniques used to businesses nationally.

The new centre is also collaborating with BT, Avanti Communications and the University of Surrey  to identify how to connect rural communities to 5G in the most affordable way.

“This facility is another indication of the UK’s commitment to being a global leader in 5G innovation. Hybrid solutions such as these could be a powerful way of providing connectivity and services to hard-to-reach areas across the UK, as well as enhancing the capabilities of our space sector to global markets.”

Matthew Evans, Markets Director, techUK


Harwell Campus is based in Oxfordshire at the heart of the Thames Valley and is well known as the UK’s innovation hub. Harwell is a science and technology campus with over £2bn of world-leading research infrastructure and is home to over 200 organisations with many links to universities and the broader R&D community. The campus’ vision is to be a centre for progress, research and discovery that encourages experimentation. The new test facility is in line with their aim to introduce a new hub centred around research and testing of 5G and satellite communications.

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