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New research shows 70% of international audiences view British film and TV as high-quality

08:55 13 December in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Creative Industries, News, Oxfordshire

Research commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s UK Global Screen Fund has shown that UK film and TV play a vital role in influencing positive international opinion of the country and attracting global viewers to visit our world-famous locations and landmarks.

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of global audiences recognise “Britishness” as a mark of high-quality, with a third (30%) of adults saying that British film and television influences their view of the UK which is a testament to the sector’s ability to showcase British talent with international success.

The research across 15 international territories also showed the positive impact of producing films and TV series in the UK. Two-thirds (66%) of people who have previously visited the country said that seeing British locations and landmarks in film or TV influenced their decision, showing the huge indirect impact of the UK screen sectors on other parts of our economy, including tourism and hospitality.

This valuable research comes as nine more co-productions are set to receive a share of £1.32 million from the £7 million UK Global Screen Fund, administered by the BFI. Supporting UK producers to become partners in international feature films, animations and documentaries, this funding is increasing their ability to reach international audiences, creating more skilled jobs, and boosting the long-term reach of UK content on a global scale.

“This extensive global research shaped how the new brand ScreenUK was developed, giving us valuable insights into how people around the world see us. When it comes to creativity and storytelling, the UK consistently produces outstanding talent and content and this report underlines how influential the UK film, tv and games sectors are on the global stage. We now have a huge opportunity to build on this reputation and show the full breadth, diversity and innovation we can offer to audiences, and support our screen businesses to succeed internationally.”

Neil Peplow, Director of International, British Film Institute 


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