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China Desk

China is one of the largest investing countries and a leading importer of British producers

The China Desk at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce provides support for both Chinese companies across China who would like to enter the UK market and those who are already based in the UK and are looking to expand their businesses. Companies using this service can benefit from the well-supported and resourceful partner networks in China and the UK.

China desk support includes:


  • Specialist Helpline
  • 1:1 Consultations
  • Selected Events
  • Market Visits with well supported programmes and appointments
  • Market Updates and Briefings
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Bespoke, hand-held and managed in-market support




  • 专家热线
  • 一对一咨询
  • 中英经贸活动
  • 有良好支持的计划和面谈的市场到访,准备充分,支持到位的访华安排
  • 市场介绍简报
  • 市场进入策略
  • 因地制宜的,手把手支持和专人管理的市场支持





China is one of the largest investing countries and a leading importer of British producers with a well-known interest among consumers in British education and properties. Demands for cooperation with British technological sectors, innovations, creative industries and service industries including healthcare and elderly care are on the rise exponentially.




In recent years, a special relationship has developed with the leading economic powerhouse in China, Guangdong Province, and its 21 cities. Guangdong Province has been the most active source of Chinese investors in the UK, and a number of companies from this region, including Huawei TechnologiesHytera Telecommunications and ZTE have invested in the Thames Valley.