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USA East Coast

The UK’s Science and Technology Hub

East-Coast companies are increasingly targeting international expansion as a means for strategic growth. Within close-proximity of London – but without the cost – and west of Heathrow Airport (with 39 weekly direct flights to Boston), informed investors are drawn to the UK’s science and technology hub as their destination of choice.

The Boston to Berkshire Phenomenon

First reported in the financial year 2016/17, since being strengthened by growing links in 2017/18, sustained levels of inward investment to the Thames Valley have been seen from companies based in the greater Boston/Cambridge area.


Our two regions have particularly strong synergies in the technology and life sciences sectors, with the Thames Valley, located within the life sciences ‘Golden Triangle’, and the US’s rapidly-growing BioPharma ecosystem, centred on Boston, having many commonalities.

Discover what makes the Thames Valley a truly unique, truly global location in this interview with Mark Sears, founder and CEO of CloudFactory – who are headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

Specific East Coast companies locating and growing in the Thames Valley

Those recorded making the journey most recently from Boston to Berkshire speak volumes; they include over twenty new investment or expansions.


From the Greater Boston region:

Across the East Coast, these also include:

Lambert Smith Hampton

Lambert Smith Hampton’s (LSH) ‘Stop Guessing, Start Knowing’ philosophy to support businesses secure the right property is combined with the power of being one of the UK’s largest commercial property firms, operating across the Thames Valley, including in Maidenhead, Oxford and Reading.


LSH are an integral part of the region’s ‘soft-landing’ team, with close association to US Real Estate Advisors and offices in Boston and New York, as well as two locations in California (Palo Alto and San Francisco). This partnership is an invaluable connection and effective business solution for many East-Coast companies looking at the Thames Valley as a place to set-up their UK operation.

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  • Boston to Berkshire – a growing phenomenon?

    Inward investment from businesses based in the Boston/Cambridge area into Berkshire has experienced a ‘mini-spike’ this past year.  A one-off, or a growing phenomenon based on sector strengths and synergies? During 2016/17 the Department for International Trade (DIT) and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC)......