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Follow the links below for more information on the markets represented in the Thames Valley region.



Favourable trade agreements between the UK and Canada are one of the many reasons Canadian companies are locating within the Thames Valley. The region is the go-to investment location for Canadian business.

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US Companies are increasingly drawn to the attractiveness of the Thames Valley region as a leading investment location. With close proximity to London and Heathrow airport, enabling ease of transport with daily direct flights to the US, the Thames Valley is the place to invest.

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Free Trade Agreements between UK and countries in Australasia have increased the already high appeal for the Thames Valley as a leading investment location.

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An ever increasing number of Chinese companies have been investing in the Thames Valley in recent years, with the China desk making investing in the Thames Valley simple.

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With a specific interest in the tech sector, Indian companies can invest in the Thames Valley with ease through the expertise and support of our partners.

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The Japan desk is utilising and facilitating the opportunities and interest between UK and Japanese companies to trade and invest.


The Thames Valley region is the leading investment choice for many German, French, Italian, Dutch and Belgian companies.

Middle East

The UK is home to investments of many Middle Eastern countries, some of which include Israel and Qatar.


The Africa-UK investment summit has reemphasised the importance and magnitude of trade and investment between the two.


The Silicon Valley of Europe

Considered one of the most economically vibrant and well-connected communities in the UK, the Thames Valley is home to some of the world’s most successful global brands, innovative small businesses, and novel new generation entrepreneurs. The ability to work within a networked business community has helped many foreign-owned companies to quickly expand into an established marketplace.


The region attracts investment from across the globe. Companies from North America are very well represented in the region, most notably the United States. As the single most popular origin for new investments and expansion projects entering the Thames Valley, this market has continuously been high-performing. The primary locations for inward investment include both the East and West Coast regions, particularly Silicon Valley and the Boston-metro area. That said, secondary city locations are becoming increasingly active, resulting in investment opportunities emerging from British Colombia and Ontario.

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