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Kosei Pharma UK’s growth and expansion continues

14:06 08 September in Life Sciences & Healthcare, Sectors

Established in 1952, Kosei Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is celebrating 65 years as a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Japan. In 2011, UKTI (now DIT), provided some initial support to expand Kosei’s global operations through their first overseas investment. Since then, the DIT and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) have been working with Kosei Pharma Group to secure their continued investment in the Thames Valley (Slough) and into Europe.

In an article published by UKTI in April 2011, the Managing Director of Kosei Pharma Group, Kohei Toda, stated: “We expect to see market growth here within two to three years, with a sales profit of up to 10 billion yen.” What has happened since then? The rapid growth of Kosei UK led to their relocation to larger premises on the Slough Trading Estate, followed by the addition of a nearby property in 2015.

The company currently employs 180 local staff, compared to the 13 it began with six years earlier and is now a medium-sized company with an annual sales turnover of £23 million (33 billion yen). During this period of expansion, they have maintained close links with DIT and TVCC.   Kohei Toda commented: “The DIT provided us with a comprehensive range of support, including advice on potential new locations and industry regulations. They also introduced us to local service providers, from recruitment agencies and banks to lawyers. This type of practical support and guidance really helped smooth the way”.

The UK arm subsequently saw further development as the European headquarters of Kosei Pharma Group. In October 2016, the telesales office was set up in India and Kosei Pharma GmbH was registered. The business is currently setting up its German base, and, thanks to the continued support of the, is now in touch with German inward investment organisations.

When a company sets up and runs a business outside of its home country, it is crucial to have strong support from the relevant people. Kosei Pharma’s UK arm is fast approaching the same level of operation as the group’s headquarters in Japan. During the expansion process, the Parent Group has received invaluable support from DIT/TVCC. While the company’s primary operation includes the import and export of products between the UK and EU countries, they are excited about the future.

Kosei Pharma UK has become the focal point for strategic and global marketing of the group’s pharmaceutical products and now also invests in generic (bioequivalent) medicines. Kosei Pharma Group’s vision is to become a prominent player both as a wholesaler and a manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry, and they anticipate further growth through continued work with the DIT.