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Joint report recognises strength of Australia-UK relations

11:30 23 July in Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, Markets

The growing strength of the Australia-UK investment relationship has been highlighted in a joint report between the two countries, called “Strong Ties, Growing Stronger”. The report shows the significance of investment between the two nations, which totalled $815 billion AUD from 2010-2017, and trade, which was worth $26.6 billion AUD in 2017. Also noted in the report is that the UK is Australia’s second largest destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The report follows the creation of an Australia-UK Trade Working Group in 2016, established to develop the reciprocal trade and investment relationship, and features 18 companies that have contributed to this two-way investment. One of the featured success stories is Seqirus, the second largest influenza vaccine provider in the world and subsidiary of CSL. Located in Maidenhead, the Thames Valley is home to both their headquarters and global research and development program.

Seqirus, who based their UK operational hub in Maidenhead in 2015, are one of a significant cluster of companies in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector based in the Thames Valley. Read more here.

Click here to read the full report.