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The Thames Valley holds a unique position in the global innovation market as scientific developments and technological innovation, fostered here in the region, have helped shape the places of tomorrow. The region is no stranger to ground-breaking discoveries, including the world’s first transistorised computer, Europe’s first nuclear reactor and more recently, COVID-19 vaccines.

Find out more about the Thames Valley’s abundance of Innovation Hubs and Centres of Excellence…


Harwell Campus

Harwell Campus is one of the UK’s leading innovation hubs, with outstanding science and technology personnel and world-leading facilities. The 700-acre campus provides approximately 6,000 employees with over £2 billion in research infrastructure. Harwell Campus lies at the heart of the science, space, and health tech sector, an established beacon of global science and discovery and one of the leading science and innovation campuses in Europe.


Bayer’s Life Hub

The LifeHub UK is an artificial intelligence focused innovation space by Bayer that aims to brings the UK scientific community together to network, learn and collaborate. Located in Bayer’s UK Headquarters in Green Park (Reading), the LifeHub UK is the latest addition to its global network of innovation hotspots. The focus of the LifeHub UK is connecting with the community through networking, mentoring and meetups, with open and transparent discussions about leading AI applications.

blog_Oxford Uni

The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is full of world-leading experts, covering a wide and diverse range of topics, with an appetite to explore and find solutions. With state-of-the-art facilities, the University of Oxford provides organisations with a variety of spaces, resources, equipment, and facilities to support and facilitate the growth of small businesses. Research at the university has made a significant impact across the world, from culture, business, and policy to environment and health.

WIC 22 Sept 2020

Westcott Innovation Centre

Westcott Innovation Centre is at the heart of Westcott Venture Park with prominent existing space and aviation companies. Located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, within the Westcott Space Cluster, the centre is planned to be a 1,200m2 flexible facility. The Centre is home to a growing nucleus of companies developing new innovative technologies and services in space and aviation-related industries, alongside the Westcott Business Incubation Centre and 5G Step-Out Centre.

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