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Heathrow Airport remains the UK’s most valuable port

14:37 17 November in Buckinghamshire, News

Heathrow Airport holds the illustrious title of the UK’s largest port by value, having handled £153 billion in non-EU imports and exports across a network of over 235 destinations worldwide during 2021, accounting for 3/4 of all British air cargo.

Despite the collapse in passenger traffic, Heathrow maintained strong cargo volumes throughout, supported the movement of vital supplies like PPE and vaccines. Food exports also formed a sizeable section of the airports traffic, with Britain’s biggest food and drink export, salmon, comprising £237 million worth of the goods flown out of the international hub.

As new hubs emerge across the UK, Heathrow isn’t fazed about losing its status as a global cargo hub and the UK’s largest port. The airport is focused on bold plans to invest in infrastructure over the next five years to grow capacity, as well as the sustainability and efficiency of its operations.

Nancy Lalor, Local President, Slough Chamber of Commerce, commented: “The capacity to withstand adverse economic conditions showcases the resilience and significance of Heathrow Airport for our region. The airport’s investment plans and focus on sustainability will further solidify its importance as the UK’s largest port by value, while simultaneously expanding the magnitude and value of its operations.”


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