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Harwell to be home to new £65m Faraday Institution HQ

16:14 27 March in News

The UK Government recently announced its selection of Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire as the home of the flagship Faraday Institution Headquarters, a new Government funded £65 million research institute. The new centre will be charged with leading the UK’s research into energy storage and battery technology, with electric vehicles being the initial research target. Harwell was chosen for its ability to bring together the best UK scientists and engineers, a unique open access multi-disciplinary environment and its world-leading science facilities.

With £246 million to be invested over four years to help UK businesses seize the opportunities presented by the move to a low carbon economy, energy storage is an area of critical research in the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge.

Over £2bn of world-leading facilities are colocated at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, including the Diamond Light Source, the ISIS neutron and muon facility and the Central Laser Facility. All provide sub-atomic imaging capabilities, advanced computing and electron microscopy facilities.  Together these offer an unparalleled range of integrated analytical capabilities, exploring and understanding battery science and technology.

Angus Horner, Director at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus said:

“Harwell has been leading the world in energy research for over 70 years.  Our brilliant people have been pivotal in battery technology advancements, including the team that invented the world’s first modern Lithium-ion battery in the 1970s.  On Campus we have over 30 public, academic and commercial organisations benefiting from shared resources and research, working in the energy field with many dedicated to battery technology and storage. Having the Faraday Institution HQ based here is a win-win all round.”

Peter Smith, President of Oxfordshire Chamber Council, added:

“It is excellent news that Harwell has been chosen as the home of the Faraday Institution Headquarters. This will further strengthen Harwell’s research expertise and will ensure that the Thames Valley remains at the forefront of this key area of energy storage and battery technology.”

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