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Harwell Campus launches technical living lab to tackle the climate crisis

09:50 31 January in Digital Technology, Environment, Energy & Infrastructure, News, Oxfordshire

Harwell Campus, a major UK science and technology hub based in Oxfordshire, is calling for UK energy innovators to come together to help fight global climate change using next-generation energy solutions.

It has opened the invitation to all organisations who have an interest in creating global-impact energy solutions, creating and establishing a Technical Living Laboratory where new technologies can be piloted in a real-working environment.

The energy challenge is continually growing, with a recent rise in increasingly energy-hungry technologies and growing populations, whilst investment into ‘clean technology’ is failing. Harwell offers the best space for both major corporates and emerging energy companies to test new technologies, enabling them to make use of world-leading research and technical facilities, including the UK’s only synchrotron – The Diamond Light Source. The Harwell community also offers companies the chance to collaborate with 6,000 engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The aim of the Harwell Technical Living Lab is to accelerate the adoption and accessibility of pioneering technology solutions including connected and autonomous travel, green fuel solutions, and integrated energy systems in an effort to support industry goals and enhance healthier living within UK communities.

Harwell’s EnergyTec Cluster, which now comprises of 59 pioneering energy organisations, all of which ensure that Harwell will remain committed to supporting the UK in reaching national carbon targets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050.

“With its ‘Technical Living Lab’ status, world-leading facilities and diverse knowledge and skills base, Harwell can be a driving force in helping the UK realise its national carbon targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050.”

Dr Barbara Ghinelli, Director, Harwell Campus Business Development and Clusters, STFC-UKRI


“Great to see that Harwell is taking another step forward in terms of innovation and also in tackling climate change issues. It is now crucial that this concept be implemented on a wider scale and ensure that more companies are encouraged to get involved and help make a difference. The Technical Living Labs will provide companies, entrepreneurs and scientists with much needed space to research and test next-generation energy solutions.”

Paul Britton, CEO of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce


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