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Dr Liam Fox launches global investment drive, bringing more than £30 billion to the UK

15:33 24 May in News

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox has launched a new drive to attract more than £30 billion of investment to 68 projects across the UK.  The drive is part of the modern Industrial Strategy, setting out how the government is building a Britain fit for the future – helping businesses create better, higher-paying jobs in every part of the UK.  Dr Fox said:

“This is a bold and ambitious programme, building on the UK’s position as the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe through the government’s modern Industrial Strategy, helping to build a Britain fit for the future.”

“The High Potential Opportunities scheme will deliver growth where it is most needed, ensuring that the benefits of global investment are felt in every part of the country.”

“And with more than £30 billion worth of new opportunities, my international economic department’s overseas network is working hard to attract top investors to the UK.”

Paul Britton, Chief Executive of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, commented:

We are encouraged by the Government’s continued investment in the UK economy and welcome initiatives that help promote the region’s key sector strengths and assets. For example, the Thames Valley is home to some of the UK’s strongest technology, life-sciences, advanced engineering and creative sector clusters anywhere in the UK and assets that are truly world-class.  The sub-region is also one of the most productive in the UK and Europe. That’s why we are continuing to encourage Government investment in the Thames Valley (through initiatives like DIT’s HPO and CIT programmes) and a commitment to ensure the timely delivery of step-change infrastructure projects like the Western Rail Link to London Heathrow, the East-West (Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge) Growth Corridor and the 3rd runway at London Heathrow”.

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