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Digital Health: From the Silicon Valley to Thames Valley. Welcome AliveCor

13:24 07 May in Uncategorized

AliveCor are a small, rapidly expanding e-health company based in San Francisco and now with European base, AliveCor Ltd in Slough, Berkshire.

AliveCor have a passion for mobility and communication, connecting patients and doctors with expert services wherever they are. With VC funding the company have developed the AliveCor Universal Heart Monitor, a clinical-quality low-cost ECG recorder that dramatically improves the accessibility of this critical medical diagnostic tool and which we believe will revolutionize the way heart monitoring is performed. It records, displays, annotates, stores, and transfers single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythms wirelessly.  Working on a range of applications patients can access their data at anytime, anywhere.  The device has received an enthusiastic reception and is currently being used in several clinical trials in both the US and the UK.

AliverCor’s initial UK investment has resulted in 1 FTE position, with another 2 FTEs to follow shortly. In 2014/15 AliveCor is looking to expand into Europe, and establish a significant presence in the UK to service this market.

Francis White Alive Cor

Hear the latest from AliveCor at the Thames Valley’s International Technology Conference

Of their investment in the Thames Valley, AliverCor states, ‘it’s an ideal location as it contains the correct mix of industries that we need and impacts: Mobile Telecoms, Medical Technology, Secure Cloud based storage and big data analytics. The calibre of potential staff and collaborative industry partners is second to none. Also, as this is the EU base, to be close to Heathrow airport is vital to reach all of the EMEA markets’.  Of UKTI’s support. the company say, ‘It has been so useful having a UKTI representative in San Francisco to ensure that the UK was chosen as the EU base over competing locations in Ireland and the Netherlands.

The Thames Valley Chamber have provided invaluable support too, with consistent help and support from their investment team. Their guidance has made the transition to operate from the Thames Valley a real pleasure – it is so good not to feel alone when pioneering a whole new commercial sector’.  Francis White, EU GM “You’ll know you’ve touched the future when you own this breakthrough in Medical Technology, the remarkably innovative AliveECG Heart Monitor!

It’s a trailblazer in the fast-emerging category of Digital Health and designed for you; today’s tech-savvy Medical Practitioner and Health aware individual. We are pleased to be trailblazing out of the UK and its innovation, commercial heartland of the Thames Valley”.