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Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce – Soft-Landing Service


With over 3000 members across the region, the Chamber’s extensive network of businesses covering a wide range of sectors facilitates business and inward investment support, from landing to expansion, which makes TVCC’s free, and independent, soft-landing service, the go-to business support service for any foreign owned company looking to invest in the Thames Valley region.


The range of services and support includes:



TVCC associates offer logistics support, project management and problem solving in order to ensure an efficient and seamless relocation process, regardless of the size of your organisation, and the scale and complexity level of your relocation.

There are a full range of national accountancy firms that operate under local branches, in the Thames Valley, to provide location-specific assistance to TVCC clients as well as offer informed advice to FOCs and investors wishing to move into the UK marketplace.

Recruiting the right individuals to grow your business here in the Thames Valley by having access to a comprehensive talent pool comprising of numerous academic centres of excellence, global businesses, and pioneering organisations, each with specialist areas in research, development, and industry collaboration.

TVCC partners have the capacity to manage polylingual translation projects on Business, Commercial and Administrative translations. Sail through the language barriers with TVCC’s soft-landing service.

TVCC partners provide an integrated international service for FOCs, helping them navigate the processes of setting up a business in the UK. There are a full range of major firms that operate in the Thames Valley, with many specialist services including, employment law, global risk, insurance, and reinsurance brokerage, based in regional offices.

The Thames Valley is a unique commercial property location that often requires the knowledge, understanding and experience of local-based professionals. TVCC has a strong and established network of commercial property agents, covering every inch of this region, who ensure that our clients receive the best possible property options to suit the needs and functions of their business.

Contact Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce 

Anna Gration, Inward Investment Manager


Mobile: +44 (0)7921 477827