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Department for International Trade launches a refreshed GREAT brand to the world

09:36 15 June in News

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has launched a refresh of the GREAT brand, providing a new image for the UK.

As the official nation brand of the UK, GREAT promotes everything that is amazing about the UK to 145 countries worldwide, from Shanghai to San Francisco. In doing so, it encourages people to visit, study, live, and do business with the UK, driving over £4.5bn of economic benefit back to the UK economy since its initial launch. Now, more than ever, a confident and bold UK that is actively reaching out to collaborate with partners around the world to solve problems and create opportunities, is needed.

The DIT has successfully captured the spirit and essence of the UK from insights uncovered from thousands of interviews in the UK and around the world:

      1. The UK is diverse and tolerant. That’s not to say everything is perfect, but the world recognises that we celebrate difference and are more tolerant and accepting than almost anywhere else.
      2. The UK is independent minded, seen as having a self-assured character that isn’t afraid of who it is, but is never arrogant.
      3. The UK is creative and innovative, leading the world in a huge range of creative industries, from the arts to computer games design, to music – as well as innovation and technology.
      4. The UK brings together the best of the old and new. The world is fascinated by how our history and modernity intersect and work together; nowhere else has this unique combination of both.


This nation has always been a curious one, seeking to challenge convention and push boundaries. Never content with the status quo, the UK is always seeking to create, innovate, grow, and discover.

The DIT’s new image comes to life with their new logo and brand stories, which capture the dynamism and energy of this nation.

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