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Chamber welcomes new UK-China airline deal

11:37 20 October in Asia Pacific, China, Markets

The Thames Valley Chamber welcomes the news that fights between the UK and China will no longer be subject to any flight restrictions.

Under the proposed agreement, the limit on passenger flights between Britain and China will increase from 40 to 100 each week in both directions. Furthermore, restrictions on cargo flights will be lifted as well as the rule limiting the number of airports airlines can serve in each country.

Paul Britton, Chief Executive of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce commented: “Increasing the number of passenger and freight movements to and from China is great news for businesses based in the Thames Valley.  It’s a massive opportunity to boost trade and tourism as well as continue building the relationship many UK based businesses have with China.”

Making the announcement, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said in a statement: “Strong connections with emerging markets like China are vital for us if we are to continue competing on the global economic stage.  Raising the number of permitted flights between the two countries will provide massive opportunities for our businesses, helping increase trade, create jobs and boost our economy up and down the country.”

Dr Kegang Wu, Managing Director of BCC LinkToChina Ltd, which provides a China market specialist service to support local businesses to work with China, is delighted with the news: “This is a great news not just for the airline, education and tourism industries but also provides a huge boost to the bilateral trade and investment agreements between the UK and China.

“What is important to remember is that UK has a significant service trade surplus to China in billions of pounds, illustrating the potential of British services into the Chinese market and international flight connectivity is a key ingredient for service industries to trade internationally.

“In working with Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, BCC LinkToChina is taking a trade mission later this year to Guangdong, the lead economic region of China to boost the trade and investment between Thames Valley and the Guangdong. Increasing bilateral trade and investment will provide a much needed stabilising and positive factor for the UK economy.”