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Arrival Produces First Production Verification Van in Microfactory

11:32 11 October in News

Arrival has announced that it has produced the first production verification vehicle from its Bicester Microfactory.

The company produced the first Van in a Microfactory using in-house technologies, including composite materials, autonomous mobile robots, in-house components and a software defined factory. The milestone is a big stepping stone towards at-scale production and delivering vehicles to its customers.


“Today is an important day for Arrival. This is the first time a vehicle has ever been built in our Microfactory, using a new method that does not use a traditional assembly line. Although we have not yet achieved serial production, we are focused on making it happen. We will continue to produce vehicles in our Microfactory in order to master at-scale production,” said Denis Sverdlov, Founder and CEO at Arrival.

“It has been more difficult than we had initially imagined, and I thank the team for the immense amount of effort, technology, innovative breakthroughs, and problem solving.”

The Arrival Vans produced this year in the company’s first Microfactory in Bicester, UK, will be used for continued testing, validation and quality control, rather than being sold to customers. Further information will be provided on Arrival’s Q3 earnings webinar taking place on Tuesday, 8th November 2022.


“This achievement by Arrival is an example of the forward-thinking, innovative, and pioneering aspirations, as well as capabilities of Thames Valley businesses. It is a milestone not only for the company, but also for the wider region which facilitates and enables these ambitions to come to fruition.”

Paul Britton CEO Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce


About Arrival

Arrival’s mission is to master a radically more efficient New Method to design, produce, sell and service the best ever electric vehicle, because we want a world where cities are free from fossil fuel vehicles. Our in-house technologies enable a unique approach to produce vehicles using rapidly-scalable, local Microfactories. This method facilitates cities and governments in achieving their sustainability goals whilst also supercharging their communities. This vertically integrated business model is how we can have the radical impact our world needs today. Arrival (NASDAQ: ARVL) is a joint stock company governed by Luxembourg law.


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