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£35 million grant funding available for businesses in rural areas

15:49 26 November in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Environment, Energy & Infrastructure, News, Oxfordshire

Rural businesses across the UK are set to benefit from a guaranteed £35 million in government funding in order to create new jobs, boost tourism and unlock growth in rural areas. This figure could be increased to £50 million if there are enough high-quality applications.

The Government Growth Programme supports rural start-ups and businesses by providing them with grants to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and modern machinery, in an effort to grow their business and open it up for tourism opportunities. The scheme has been widely successful already, granting £99 million to 546 local companies across England and in turn, generating approximately 3,770 new jobs in these areas.

For this funding round of the Growth Programme, the previous threshold of £35,000 has been decreased to £20,000 meaning that smaller or micro-businesses can be eligible for a grant too.

“Our dedicated fund for rural businesses has created more than 3,7000 jobs and supported a diverse group of businesses, tourism operations and start-ups to unlock their full potential. This next round funding will help more businesses to grow and local areas to prosper – and I would urge any rural enterprise to look into what this scheme could do for them. I would also encourage farmers to consider how they might use this funding to branch out and diversify their businesses, making the most of emerging trends and tastes and looking ahead to new opportunities.”

George Eustice, Farming Minister


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