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Building agile businesses in a changing world

October 3, 2018

Building agile businesses in a changing world

Thames Valley-based specialist technology law firm Boyes Turner have released a new report on business agility, which explores how companies can establish and maintain agility and avoid the many pitfalls.

“Tech be nimble, tech be quick, tech don’t forget the legal bit: Building agile businesses in a changing world” finds that growing organisations are more focused on the recruitment of permanent resources than they are on short-term or gig economy type recruitment, with 62% either predominantly or exclusively recruiting long-term, permanent employees and only 4% favouring short-term resources. 49% of companies say they see no benefit from the gig economy, in contrast with 4% who say their firm benefits greatly from it.

Firms are also less focused on turning to artificial intelligence (AI) or other software resources, the report shows. Only 9% say AI or other technologies are more important than change-ready people to growing an agile business and three-fifths of employers (60%) say they’re investing in training their existing workforce to maximise agility and resilience to change.

“The gig economy and AI capture the public imagination, but our report shows businesses still value recruiting, retaining and developing long-term employees and training and developing them in preference to more transient types of employment types or technology and AI. Agility is critical in today’s fast moving, ever changing world – but businesses tell us that agility comes from having a loyal and change-ready workforce, not turning to the gig economy or technology as a quick fix.”

Mark Blunden, Partner and Head of the Commercial and Technology Group – Boyes Turner

Gauging the views of 45 leaders, managers and HR professionals in technology and growth businesses in the featured survey, the report also offers practical advice on how to establish and maintain agility as a business, go agile on an international scale and obtain funding.

“The Thames Valley has established itself as a leading hub for technology and innovation firms. Our report highlights the ingredients of agility that have enabled so many entrepreneurial firms, large and small, to thrive in the region, and to attract like-minded firms from around the world to set up bases here. A network of government bodies, funders and the wider technology and innovation ecosystem play a huge part in supporting innovation and growth here – and sharing the lessons on agility that our report explores is a big part of that.”

Andrew Chalkley, CEO – Boyes Turner

Based in the Thames Valley with 24 partners, over two-thirds of which are rated as leaders in their fields, and more than 55 other lawyers, Boyes Turner is one of the UK’s leading regional law firms.

The full report is available to download at


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Katherine Chapanionek

Katherine Chapanionek

We work alongside the Department for International Trade (DIT), the region’s Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), Local Authorities and professional service providers to support foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Thames Valley. Outside of London, the Thames Valley is consistently the highest performing region in attracting foreign-direct investment into the United Kingdom.

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We work alongside the Department for International Trade (DIT), the region’s Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), Local Authorities and professional service providers to support foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Thames Valley.

For the 2017/18 financial year, we are proud to report that the Thames Valley has retained its status as the number one region in the UK, outside of London, for attracting FDI. 191 FDI projects were recorded as entering the region, with a high proportion of these investors strongly supported by the Chamber.

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